Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Eden Roc Miami Beach is the Place Where we Would Retire

Miami instantly comes to mind when you’re looking for a fun-filled getaway, with sunny days year-round, incredible beaches and a super cool nightlife. Glamorous and stylish, Eden Roc Miami Beach will offer the best of all these worlds, delivering an unforgettable experience by mixing a charming classic design with modern amenities, an irreproachable service and some of the most serene views you could think of. Sitting on the iconic Collins Avenue, the Eden Roc Miami Beach hotel is much more than a beachside beauty; it’s a place filled with energy, where guests’ joy and desires come first. Let’s face it.. who would say ‘no’ to that?

Pablo Escobar Was a Horrible Man. But He Was an Interesting Person.

For the mountains of cocaine receiving screen time in the Netflix drama Narcos, one of the few people never shown actually ingesting any of the infamous white powder is the person most often associated with it: Pablo Escobar.

The Most Gangster Way to Wear Plaid This Fall

A few years ago, plaids like these might’ve seemed outrageous and daring. But right now? They’re wearable suits that’ll work with a tee, a turtleneck, or a tie. The move for 2016 is a classic menswear pattern in a fresh color combination whether you go muted (like Boglioli) or loud (like Dior, Isaia, and Paul Smith). Or, like actor James Ransone, pictured above wearing Dior Homme in the Fall issue of GQ Style, chose a palette that you don’t often seen in tailoring.
via: GQ

Fear Of God's Long-Awaited Vans Collab Drops Right Now

Way back in January, Fear Of God's Jerry Lorenzo told us to expect a new collaboration with Vans (as a part of his PacSun-exclusive diffusion line F.O.G.) to hit stores in August. Today, Lorenzo delivered on his promise when PacSun announced that the collaborative SK8-Hi style landed in select stores across the country. An FOG-level Vans Era, also seen below in an eye-catching Fear Of God allover print, is expected to hit stores in October.
via: GQ

Everything You Need to Know About DJ Khaled's Very Expensive "Fake" Goyard Jacket

Knockoff products are a serious problem for luxury brands. And it's not just an issue in big city's (i.e. NYC's Canal Street) where brand enthusiasts are going phony designer bags, perfumes, and watches. It's happening around the world and the power of the almighty Internet isn't helping. In 2014, counterfeit goods added up to a $600 billion dollar global business. But the less glamorous side of the fashion game isn't often talked about in the open, especially by brand's whose goods are being copied most.
via: GQ

Inside the Federal Bureau Of Way Too Many Guns

There's no telling how many guns we have in America—and when one gets used in a crime, no way for the cops to connect it to its owner. The only place the police can turn for help is a Kafkaesque agency in West Virginia, where, thanks to the gun lobby, computers are illegal and detective work is absurdly antiquated. On purpose. Thing is, the geniuses who work there are quietly inventing ways to do the impossible.
via: GQ

Our Other Favorite Thing About The Night Of Finale

HBO’s The Night Of might be over forever—much to the disappointment of crime-show nerds and TV golden age fans everywhere—but the show’s star Riz Ahmed (a.k.a. Nasir Khan) is still capturing our attention. The 33-year-old English actor appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” yesterday wearing a green Armani suit that was sharp and just flashy enough.
via: GQ

This Infamous Reseller is Back at It Again with the Air Jordan 1 “Banned”

Remember the reseller that bought a bunch of 750’s only to say that he wasn’t passionate about sneakers? He’s back at it again with the Air Jordan 1 “Banned”. Already one of the most sought after Jordan 1’s, Allen Kuo managed to scoop up a plethora of sizes of the Air Jordan 1 “Banned” only to stunt once again on the gram. Although Kuo managed to get tons of negative feedback from the previous Yeezy Boost haul, it’s not affecting his skill on obtaining size runs of the hottest AJ1 yet.

Blac Chyna Stuns in the Latest Issue of ‘Paper’ Mag

Blac Chyna, aside from being astoundingly beautiful by any set of beauty standards, remains one of the most mystifying figures in pop culture today. She initially rose to fame through her prowess as a stripper, even getting a shoutout in one of Drake’s early tracks.

LG's 38-Inch UltraWide Is the Screen of Dreams

LG is set to launch the world’s largest ultra-wide monitor next month. The curved display gives a staggering 38-inches of desktop space and uses a IPS UltraWide QHD+ display, which means it is capable of 4K-quality video, while producing ultra-wide images at a resolution of 3840 x 1600. Besides being the world’s largest curved ultra-wide display, the monitor will also feature a USB-C port and two Bluetooth speakers packed inside its body.